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Crameri's origin is in Switzerland, in Grisons (this department count 213 municipalities and abt 187' 000 inhabitants, 68% speak german, 15% romansch, 10% italien and 7% other languages), Crameri comes more precisely from the south of the department, in the valley of Poschiavo (Poschiavo  count abt 3' 700 inhabitants; abt 5000 for the whole valley). The region is isolated from Switzerland by ramparts of mountains and is more easily accessible from Italy. The inhabitants speak an italian dialect ("Pussciavin").

It's well know that we find the most Crameri in Grisons. The telephone directory makes it possible to locate 321 families. Zürich count 71 families and St-Gall 35 families. We are only 12 families in French-speaking part of Switzerland

In the valley of Poschiavo, the distribution is as follows: San Carlo 109 families, Poschiavo/50, Coire/27, St-Moritz/25, Pontresina/12, Samedan/11, Prese/9, Brusio and Li Curt/7 and Campocologno/3.

It seems to me that the most known Crameri is Gian-Marco which evolves/moves in LNA with EVZ (Zug) and Suisse team of hockey.

We can also find the name of Crameri as a butterfly (Erinnyis crameri) and as a fish (Oregonichthys crameri synonymous Hybopsys crameri)

If you know other information regarding Crameri, let me known.

I am myself ( ) originating in Poschiavo (GR.) and I live in La Chaux-de-Fonds/ Neuchâtel department in the french part of Switzerland and what about you?

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 Switzerland 116  Graubunden 44
 Australia 43  Ticino 15
 USA 7  Neuchâtel 10
 France  4  Aargau 11
 Venezuela 6  Zürich 11
 United Kindom  3  Berne 5
 Irlande  2  Luzern 5
 Denmark  1  Vaud 3
 Netherlands 1  Basel 3
 New Zealand 1  Nidwald 2
 Canada 1  Valais 2
     Fribourg 1
     Solothurn 1
  Total 193   116

Family Crameri Cumini, old father Tommaso 1888,1972.
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----> 13.4.01 I received the Crameri's armorial from Ricardo (Australia). Ricardo, please check your mailing address as I cannot send you any e-mail

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